Stack Sizer® Technology Improves Platinum Production in South Africa


A major platinum producer in South Africa was looking to improve production platinum and chrome from the platinum reef (UG2). The complexity of the UG2 reef is largely attributed to the presence of significant chrome minerals in the reef. As the particle size of the quartz carrying Platinum Group Metals (PGM’s) and the Chrome mineral are similar it complicates the separation process, particularly in closed circuit mills with cyclone classification.



Testing was carried out at Derrick’s Testing Facility in Buffalo, New York to determine the efficacy of replacing the platinum producer’s secondary mill hydrocyclones with Stack Sizers. The incumbent metallurgical manager travelled to Buffalo to participate in, and direct, the test work. Following the successful testing, the company designed an innovative flow sheet to optimize the following parameters:

  • Increase platinum recovery.
  • Remove chrome prior to flotation.
  • Reduce circulation load through the mill.

The customer decided to install five 5-Deck Stack Sizers®, at a total capital investment of about US$4.0m, and dramatic results were achieved immediately!


Download the complete case study to discover how the ROI (Return On Investment) was less than seven months!

Derrick 5-Deck Stack Sizer
Derrick 5-Deck Stack Sizer
Stack Sizers replaced platinum producer's secondary mill hydrocyclones.
Stack Sizers replaced platinum producer's secondary mill hydrocyclones.

Download Case Study

Download to discover how Derrick Stack Sizers improved platinum production.

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