Derrick® Hyperpool® Provides E&P Operator in Sindh Pakistan with Mud Cost Savings


A major Pakistani exploration and production operator elected the Derrick® Hyperpool® for a rig drilling in the Sindh province. With a big push for optimization and efficiency, the operator was looking for the best available primary solids control technology to improve rate of penetration (ROP) and reduce fluid costs.



Derrick Solutions International, the exclusive provider of Derrick solids control products in the Middle East, installed three Hyperpools at the rig. The Hyperpools were equipped with Pyramid® screens and run for the entirety of the drilling project.

Upon project completion, mud costs were compiled from the rig and compared to mud costs from a previous well that had been drilled in the same formation. The comparison showed a total mud cost savings of 12% provided by leveraging Derrick’s leading-edge Hyperpool technology. This cost-savings equated to over $51,000 saved over the course of the 34-day drilling project.

Derrick Hyperpool operating in Sindh province
Derrick Hyperpool operating in Sindh province

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